WEI 009: From an Ordinary Guy to a Self-Published Author with Carlo Mercado

June 6, 2017



Most Filipinos in every walk of life is dreaming of publishing their own book. It can be a memoir, inspirational, fiction or any message that they want to share that may help people in some way. However, achieving this goal will take a lot of challenges and self-doubt will creep in every now and then.  There will be many excuses that will come up in fulfilling this goal.

This dream of writing a book has been achieved by our guest today, Carlo Mercado. Despites challenges and roadblocks that he encountered during his journey in writing this book, he didn’t gave up fulfilling his dream.  He is part of the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge program facilitated by Sha Nacino which was our past guest in episode 5. With the help of this program and the community, he was able to complete writing his book that can help change people’s lives. 

I believe most of you can relate on his story because he is just an ordinary guy who just dreaming of achieving extraordinary thing. Most of us can achieve anything we wanted as long as we believe in ourselves and start taking action.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Carlo shared his journey in transitioning from an employee to entrepreneurial mindset.
  • His dream of retiring early from corporate world.
  • How to do purposeful work that can really help people and our world.
  • His very first financial mentor during his childhood that he learned from.
  • The most important lesson he learned attending an MLM (multi-level marketing) briefing that you must learn to become wealthy.
  • Take advantage of today’s technology in starting a business because of abundant resources all around you.
  • How he started creating a passive income thru investing.
  • The power of “getting started” and no worrying about perfection.
  • His motivation and challenges that he encountered in writing his very first book.
  • Why joining with like-minded people or a group that will help you to succeed in life.
  • He shared the 4 Money Hacks to Reclaim your Life in his book.
  • Sneak preview of the contents of his book:
    • Time is a measurement of Wealth
    • Mindset shifting from “Mission Just Have Enough” to Abundance thinking.
    • Insurance 101 to protect yourself and assets. Why you need to get insurance while employed.
  • His advice and tips on how to start a part-time business while having a full-time job.


Words of wisdom:

"The world needs the work of people who are not constantly worried about their rent and mortgage payments. Because it's when you don't worry about the money when your work counts the most. And the world needs that work. And it needs people who don't have to wait until they're 60 years old to actually do it." - Chelsea Baldwin


Links and Resources:

First video blog of Carlo: http://carlomercado.net/get-started/ (password: "commoncents")

His latest book “The Black Book on Common Cents”: http://carlomercado.net/common-cents-book/

Carlo’s website: www.carlomercado.net


Check-out the complete details and more resources here:


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