WEI 013: How to Grow Your Business with Myna Tam-Natividad

August 1, 2017



Our guest for today was a former Math teacher, successful and highly respected businesswoman with 4 decades of experience growing small-medium businesses which include a pension house, computer shops, franchises of STI College and Chowking, and a chain of pawnshops and jewelry stores across Mindanao.


Her name is Myrna Tam-Natividad. She is the first-ever Female Entrepreneur of the Year awardee of the DTI Region 9 for 2017. She also led some women organizations empowering entrepreneurs as a mentor for almost 100 business owners.


Finally, she is the author of Grow Your Business Pinoy. She was part of the Book Writing Challenge program of Sha Nacino which is our past guest.


In this episode, you will learn about:


  • How she get started to venture in business.
  • She shared her story about their buy-and-sell business selling rice, home stuff, jewelry, etc. while working as a Math Teacher.
  • The swindling incident they encountered that turned to a failed jewelry business.
  • She shared their more than 20 business failures experience.
  • She shared her experience in franchising STI and Chowking and how they funded these businesses.
  • Mam Myrna shared his tips and advice on how you can start and grow your business.
  • Her biggest challenge that they encountered in running businesses.
  • She shared why she is still helping Filipino business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed even at her late age.
  • Mam Myrna shared her Grow your business roadmap.
  • And many others…


Words of wisdom:


In business, there is no failure only feedback.

All things are possible for those who believe.


Links and Resources:


The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard

Tony Caktiong of Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC)


FB profile: www.facebook.com/myrna.t.natividad

FB page: www.facebook.com/GrowYourBusinessPinoy/


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