WEI 012: Glenn Santos, Co-founder of 199jobs (online marketplace to buy/sell micro-jobs)

July 18, 2017



Have you heard about Fiverr or Upwork sites? They are the popular global freelancing platforms where you can offer your skills or hire freelancers across the globe. You can offer your skills like writing, VA (virtual assistant), bookkeeping and much more. You can also hire freelancers or professionals to satisfy your needs in creating your graphic design or ghost writer for your book.


Did you know that we have this kind of online platform solely for Filipinos? This online platform is called 199jobs. It was co-founded by our guest today, Glenn Santos.  This platform will help you to buy or sell micro-jobs like writing, graphic design or transcription service but with a Pinoy’s taste because you will surely transact with Filipinos when you offer or sell your skills here.


Glenn also co-founded Solopreneur Philippines FB group. It is a community for founders, freelancers, developers, creatives, consultants, professionals, contractors, and anyone who runs their business solo. It helps them to collaborate and share insightful ideas to help each other succeed with their business.


In this episode, you will learn about:


  • His story while working as an employee and started to venture online.
  • He founded his online business idea thru one of the TechCrunch’s article.
  • Glenn shared his experience in starting his first online marketplace which is 199jobs (helping Filipino freelancers to get micro-job like writing, graphic design, transcription, etc.)
  • Why having partners are important in starting a startup venture.
  • Challenges that they faced in starting 199jobs.
  • His new startup venture helping entrepreneurs offering their courses.
  • The story behind memokitchen (offering freelance services to foreign clients), partypinas (events services) and oSeranade (song gift to your loved ones).
  • His advice to aspiring entrepreneur in starting a business that you can learn from his 10 years of experience.
  • Why they have started Solopreneur Philippines (FB group of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs).
  • His biggest challenge that he encountered in his entrepreneurship journey that you can learn from.
  • And many others…


Words of wisdom:


We learn thru failures, don’t be afraid to fail.

Links and Resources:


Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Solopreneur PH: https://www.facebook.com/groups/solopreneurPH/

Online Course Builders: https://www.facebook.com/groups/coursebuilders/

FB: https://m.me/glennsantos

Email: glenn@199jobs.com


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