WEI 011: A Teacher who turned Online Entrepreneur with J3 Patino

July 4, 2017



Our featured guest (J3 Patino) for today is an online entrepreneur, a coach, consultant, Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and former faculty member of University of the Philippines. He now lives in Singapore with his wife and running his online business at home. He runs different blogs related to personal finance, business and investing like Stock Market for Pinoys, Game of Wealth Online, Pinoy Money Academy and among others.  J3 created different online courses helping Filipinos to achieve their goals financially.


In this episode, he shared his experience and journey towards achieving financial freedom and abundance thru online business. He gave his tips and advice on how you get started and grow your business.


This is the first time that I was grilled and put in hot-seat in my own show. So, please listen throughout the interview to hear me ashamed. J 


In this episode, you will learn about:


  • J3’s childhood first encountered with money.
  • His childhood habit that helped him to succeed.
  • He shared his experience in an internship in a big company and realized that he doesn’t like the corporate lifestyle.
  • First businesses that he built that failed miserably.
  • The one thing that he did that helped him to have progressed in starting a business.
  • How he get started in online business.
  • His first online earnings thru offline customers.
  • How he earned a passive income of PH25K every month without lifting a finger.
  • J3 series of breakthroughs online that helped him to earn more income.
  • How you can manage different online businesses and the best advice that he gave on growing your business.
  • How mastermind group will help you to succeed in business
  • His only business advice to aspiring entrepreneur.
  • And many others…


Words of wisdom:


Continuously learning is the key to success.

How you speak or write doesn’t matter as long as you deliver the message.


Links and Resources:


Online course: Expert Academy by Brendon Burchard

Elon Musk

Stu McClaren



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