WEI 008: How to Start a Successful Business w/o an M.B.A. with Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich

May 23, 2017



Starting a business or diving into entrepreneurship is not that easy but it’s a rewarding journey.  Aside from monetary benefits that you can gain once you successfully built your business, it will also give you self-satisfaction and time freedom to do what you want.  When you have your own business, you have to perform most of the tasks at first that why it’s quite difficult unlike being an employee that you only need to perform a specific task.  That’s why we need help from people who are already successful in business so that we can get guidance, wisdom and advice to succeed as well.

This is what our guest for today has shared. He is a successful serial entrepreneur and “been-there-and-done-that” guy.  His name is Fitz Villafuerte.  In this episode, he shared his journey towards entrepreneurship. He also shared a lot of tips and advice in starting a business for aspiring Filipino and OFW entrepreneur.  I believe that you will learn a lot from this conversation that you can apply in your own journey towards entrepreneurship.


In this episode, you will learn about:


  • Fitz shared his experience working in corporate world as a Civil Engineer.
  • How he discovered freelancing and entrepreneurship.
  • His experience is building his first business which is a computer café in their community.
  • Why he created a small businesses and why you need to create too.
  • Building a business is getting easier the more you do it.
  • Why personal finance is important when you want to run a business.
  • Fitz shared that your education background is not necessarily important if you want to go into entrepreneurship. You don’t have to be an MBA or business graduate.
  • How to overcome your fear of failure in starting a business and why having a safety net is important.
  • When is the best time to start a business?
  • He tips and advice in starting a side business while having a day job.
  • Fitz shared his biggest failure in starting a business and what you can learn from his experience.
  • 1 important step that you need to take when starting a business.
  • Why they have started their program in starting a business which is Business Academy PH. It’s already in their Batch 5 because of high demand from aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs and OFWs who wanted to start their own business so can go back home for good.
  • Learn the foundation of starting a business even if it’s an offline or online type of business.
  • Success stories of past students and OFWs who started a successful business after the program like a logistic company, event and party business, graphic design firm, coffee shop, etc..
  • How to start a business with little or no capital at all.
  • Many others…


Words of wisdom:


“It’s hard to beat a person who doesn’t give up.”

WAIS decision: “Take courage to jump off the cliff.”


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