WEI 006: From “rags-to-real estate” with Ronald Cagape

April 25, 2017



Real state is one of the lucrative investments that you can venture with. It’s been a time-tested that real estate asset will increase in value overtime. It is a tangible asset that you have a full control because literally you can see and touch it unlike paper assets like stocks or bonds. It is also an asset that you can transfer to future generation of your family which gives them valuable assets that they can be proud of. Real estate is a profitable business if you want to go full-time for this venture.


Here is what my friend Ronald Cagape did. After playing and managing countless games in Cashfllow Boardgame which introduced by Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad book, he then applied the knowledge in real life that give him an unfair advantage. With very little to no capital in his bank account, he scouted Metro Manila and the neighboring cities to look for best deals that they can invest in. After spending countless time and effort, he finally found a promising apartment property that they were able to sell in a rent-to-own scheme using the capital of some investors that he partnered with. Now, he goes full-time in real estate business and he is helping beginners on how to invest in real estate with very little to no money down capital. He also wrote a book with the same strategy which entitled, “No Money Down Formula.”


In this episode, you will learn about:


  • How he buy and sell real estate properties
  • His journey from a humble beginning as a son of a security guard and a public school teacher
  • Book that helped him to discover the world of business and real estate investing
  • Why you need to invest and start your own business
  • Disadvantages of working in a corporate world or someone else’s business
  • Lessons that you can learn from playing Cashflow gameboard that you can apply in real life
  • His first failed business which is a blessing in disguise for Ronald
  • How he got scammed and how you can avoid this experience
  • Why having a mentor is really important for you to succeed in business and investing
  • His first successful deal in real estate and how you can invest with very little or no capital
  • Rent-to-own property scheme that you can apply when you invest in real-estate
  • Mistakes he encountered in real estate investing that you can learn from
  • Why real estate investment is one of the safest investments for beginner
  • What are the ways to earn in real estate
  • How Ronald escaped the rat race or as corporate employee and pursue real estate business full-time
  • Tips and advice in transitioning from corporate employee to becoming an entrepreneur or investor
  • Sneak peak of his very first book entitled, “No Money Down Formula”.
  • And many more…


Words of wisdom:


“You miss 100% of the shot that you don’t take.” Wein Gretsky

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Zig Ziglar


Links and Resources:


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Think Rich Pinoy by Larry Gamboa

Life Principles by Injap Sia

Ronald’s blog www.dealermakerblog.com

Book www.nomoneydownformula.com



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